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Drums Please!

September 8, 2008

I know that this is just a reiteration of my “about me” or whatever, but I’m learning how to use this thing so just read it and be happy about it. Thank you very much…

So this is my blog. I know, I know, who seriously has a blog these days (other than emokids, politicians and annoying talking heads)? Apparently, everyone. It seems that more and more I’m needing to send long, drawn-out “what’s happening in my life” emails that take days, plenty of sustenance and, most importantly (and least likely to happen) extended attention/focus to finish.

Thus, as a California fish out-of-water (literally, there is no ocean to be found within a five-hour drive. who lives like that?) down in the Dirty Souf, I figured I’d make an attempt to write something every once in a while.** So bare with me and maybe it will be worthwhile, or at least, you can make fun of me for having a blog. Hopefully I’ll write/post something funny every once in a while. I mean, how could I not, I live in East Tennessee, where every day is a camo-wearing, ignorant, dippin’, orange-painted NASCAR ‘what-a-great-experience’ adventure.

Anyway, enjoy this non-crap-taking, trying (probably too hard) to be funny, blunt list of observations of my “this is the weirdest place ever, when do I get to go home” every-day life. Hopefully, it will keep you posted and (fingers-crossed) not bore you to tears.

And if you feel like commenting it will probably boost my self-esteem and earn you extra brownie-points.*** Just make sure not to mention things that could get me into trouble, like rude things I may, or may not, have said about the people I work/live with, my actual name, where I work, etc.

Any other things you have to say can be directed at me right about here

*Not the type that wears berets, waxes philosophical at cafes and scoffs at people with limited vocabularies. More like the type that thought they should get a master’s degree and jumped right in before remembering that getting a graduate degree required you to go to class and complete more schooling.

**Actually, as usual, I did not think of this on my own, I stole the idea from a friend. He’s probably reading this right now trying to think of how to get back at me. So, thanks Bob for the encouragement.

***Which may, or may not, be redeemable at a later date for actual brownies and/or funfetti cake.


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