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After the party it’s the Waffle House

September 9, 2008

If you don’t know the joys of Waffle House, you need to get to the Dirty Dirty pronto. Nothing quite satisfies that need for waffles + efficiency + haggard looking servers like this joint. Plus, you’ll never get lost in one because I’m pretty certain they are all designed exactly the same. Advantages: you’ll always know where the bathroom is located. Disadvantages: potential for forgetting where you are since there is a Waffle House (or two) at every exit off every major freeway interstate in the Souf.

Unfortunately, it seems, to truly live as the Southerners do, you may have to be a part of a Waffle House wedding. Only below the Mason-Dixon line would this quote ever appear in a newspaper article:

As the famous twang of Hank Williams Jr. blasted from an SUV stereo Friday afternoon, about 30 folks socialized, sipped soda and puffed on cigarettes.

No, this wasn’t a Fourth of July backyard barbecue. It was the run-up to a wedding.

In a Waffle House parking lot…

For years, the couple tried to marry on their Independence Day anniversary. But the bride was always scheduled to work. Instead of waiting any longer – she got the day off at the last minute; Mathis had to report for the morning shift – the couple of nine years decided to seal the deal at work.

Who won’t let an employee off to get married on their anniversary? The Waffle House manager in Dacula, that’s who. And that’s just the beginning. You can find this glimpse into my life in the Dirty Souf in the Gwinnett Daily Post (Georgia). As much fun as reading the article will be…

George "Bubba" Mathis puts on his shirt and tie before the start of his wedding ceremony in the parking lot of Waffle House in Dacula Friday.

Yes, that is a photo from the Gwinnett Daily Post’s slideshow of the wedding, and yes, it does get better. Enjoy this (but ignore the salad dressing commercial before it, or even yell at the screen about how you hate ads, whatever you choose).

Your life is now complete.

  1. 007 permalink
    September 23, 2008 7:39 pm

    Seriously, I love the Waffle House so much that I would get married there. Ok, not really, but Waffle House is one part of your Southern “adventure” that I am all for!


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