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‘Stache the Loot

September 18, 2008

Though there are several reasons why I think it would be amazing to work for cycling’s Team Garmin-Chipotle (Slipstream)* I think the key reason is easily demonstrated by the latest post on the team site.

To ‘Stache or Not To ‘Stache

How could a team that has this much fun not be a blast to work for? That’s right, it must be impossible. Especially in a cycling world that seems to be full of stuffy French people. I mean, this is the team whose Director Sportif** threw out the f-bomb on the live Tour de France coverage on Versus, is committed to cycling clean, posts on twitter and is sponsored by one of my favorite restaurant chains (mmmm…chicken tacos, chips and guac). These are my people.

And just in case you want proof, check out this highlight video from the Tour…

And for the record, my vote: Not To ‘Stache (at least not on him).

*Headquarters in Colorado; European HQ in Spain; Argyle team colors; Jonathan Vaughters…

**That’s the team director. And no, I’m not a French-speaking elitist. That’s just how they do things in cycling. I can’t help it.


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