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I’m Still Alive or Talk About Failblog or Why Am I Reading This?

September 29, 2008

I’m now about three weeks into my blogging career and I’m already failing my hundreds of five readers. Maybe it’s because I sit in front of a computer all day at work or maybe I realized I have nothing witty at all to actually say, but I have failed so far at blogging. I’m not sure how I’ll ever realize my dream of being an awesome blogger/writer if I can’t even manage to write here regularly. Thus, consider this (already) a new beginning. What you’ll read from here could potentially end up being quite the stream of consciousness or perhaps something awesome. Hard to tell thus far but bear with me.

First, and most importantly, prepare yourself for what could be the most entertaining running chat of a Vice Presidential Election Debate you’ve ever read.* This Thursday could be the greatest VP debate in the history of the event. On the one side we’ve got Sarah “Barracuda” Palin, who, despite all of the McCain campaign’s efforts to hide it, may not actually be able to tell the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom.** Opposite the Barracuda is Joe Biden who takes the train to Capitol Hill, supposedly says lots of quirky things*** and may have a strange animal residing on his head. If nothing else, this debate could turn into the greatest SNL sketch in program history.

Speaking of SNL…I do believe this election is quickly spelling the resurgence of what used to be a great way to spend a Saturday night. Hopefully they can continue this genius after the election actually happens. Is it wrong that a tiny, tiny part of me**** wants McCain/Palin to win so that SNL will return to it’s previous awesomeness? Answer: YES! I’m sick. I’m sorry.

In other news, I think that Reverend Run may be God Big Brother. And as disconcerting as this may be, I’m just really glad that Big Brother isn’t actually that robot Julie Chen.

Julie Chen(bot)

Julie Chen(bot)

Anyway, as we’ve all seen on Run’s House, Rev Run sends his peeps an inspirational message every day, although I’m not convinced he actually does it from his bathtub.

That's how he gets down.

Rev Run's Tub Thoughts

It’s not often that I read an inspirational or motivational message and truly feel inspired or motivated. However, last week I felt like the Rev maybe had some sort of window into my thoughts because just as I had been contemplating what to do next with myself, the Daily Word has actually made me feel like I was going the right direction and maybe even making the right moves. To give you a tiny glimpse into my mind or at least give you an idea of what I’m rambling about, check it out:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Good morning. What places are you trying to fit in that keep dissing you? Who are you pursuing that keeps ignoring you? Think about this…. Who has been kind towards you? Where has favor flowed for you for the past few years? (Remember this classic principle!) GO WHERE YOU’RE CELEBRATED… NOT WHERE YOU’RE TOLERATED! God has a plan set up for you…Please don’t ignore it! God is Love
Rev Run

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Good morning. Giving is just receiving inside out. When you light another’s path, you can’t help but to light your own. Giving is like taking money out of one pocket and putting it into your other pocket. God in his infinite wisdom has made it that way! GIVE GIVE GIVE 🙂 God is Love
Rev Run

Interesting stuff. Maybe I’ll actually do something with it.*****

Enough drivel. Check back later this week as this whole debate thing develops. I haven’t been this excited to listen to two politicians argue with each other since watching Gore and Bush debate on SNL ever.


* You haven’t read a running chat of a VP debate before? Get out of your cave and live a little dude!

** Or between seeing Russia and knowing anything about it.

*** Like telling his alma mater’s (Delaware) football team that they could beat Ohio State.

**** So tiny it can only be seen by an electron microscope. Yeah I said it.

***** Or maybe not. Stay tuned on that one. I’ll keep you posted.


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