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Don’t go in there. Promise me you won’t go in there.

October 3, 2008

Anyone who uses gmail has likely noticed the creepy, big brotherness of the sponsored ads and links on the side of your email. The sponsored links that tick by at the top of the page, however, are generally just random ads. Until today. Check out the horror and glory that is Sugars Cattery. Yes, cattery. I didn’t realize that’s what they were called. Or that they existed. Apparently it’s a place where they breed and sell cats. I imagine it smells like a mix between ammonia, flea medication and death.

A few highlights from the site include:

“We live in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Where they say it’s God’s country. Well, I agree, it is so wonderful here with it’s four gorgeous seasons. Our Cattery is home based and we will never cage our Siamese & Balinese.”

1. Who is “they?”

2. Have “they” ever been to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan?

3. Correction: it probably smells like ammonia, flea medication, curiosity and death.

“So because of our love for them is so strong we are never gone from home for very long, which means someone is home 90% of the time. Our King has his own bedroom with lots of love, fresh food, fresh water, toys, and with a cat tree over looking a wonderful view of our roses. Where he can watch the wonderful birds eating out of his bird feeders.”

Well now I know what a “crazy cat person” sounds like. This clears up any fears I may or may not have had about Madre being one. Last I checked, the cats don’t have their own bedroom at her house. Thank goodness.

And it gets better creepier :

there are no words...

there are no words...

Now, I’m all for never forgetting, but what exactly is that supposed to remind us of, other than maybe Easy Rider?

Likewise, was this painted by Bob Ross and what exactly are non-traditional cats? Is there going to be some sort of battle between the Traditionals and the Non-Traditionals? I hope so. I ❤ cat fights!

I wonder what's going on over there <----

I wonder what is going on over there? <----

So, the moral of the story: if you see a sponsored link on your gmail and think:

  • I wonder what a cattery is?
  • Of course I want to join!
  • Yes, I do need a gross of rubber thumbs!

Don’t click the link. Back away from the computer. Trust me, it’s for your own good.


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