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Revenge of the Nerds

October 14, 2008

If there’s nothing else (like this and this) to convince you that the “end times” are near I present the following:

Wisconsin Band Learns that Hazing is Bad
Cal Aggie Band Upsets People

Seriously, since when do marching band initiations and antics result in suspensions, resignations and (likely) lawsuits? Aren’t these supposed to be the smart kids? The scrawny boys who probably weren’t safe playing football and the girls who liked the clarinet better than the pom poms or the softball bat, aren’t those the kids in the marching band? Since when did this become a crazy fraternity party, minus the boat shoes and rufies? Naked van? Why would anyone think a band full of partially- or fully-naked band kids is a good idea?

If this isn’t a sign of the apocalypse, I don’t know what is. Perhaps the four horsemen will actually be a tuba, a french horn, a baton twirler and a high-stepping drum major. For now, I guess all I can say is finally the nerds* are gettin theirs.


* Yes, I called band kids nerds. No, I won’t take it back, thank you.


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