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Brilliant! The British Are Awesome (Pt. 1 of a series)

November 7, 2008

I’m not sure if you know it yet, but the British are awesome for many reasons. This may be just my opinion, but think about it, when was the last time you didn’t think a British accent was cool? Some of the many reasons I enjoy the British follow:

  1. They enjoy bathroom humor
  2. They created “Are You Being Served?”*
  3. They say things like “brilliant” “bloody” and “rubbish”
  4. They call soccer by it’s real name**
  5. They created “Keeping Up Appearances”
  6. They have rhyming slang (much cooler than pig latin)
  7. They throw the c-word around like it’s not offensive!

There are many more reasons which you will learn as this series continues (that’s called suspense, I’ve got to keep you reading somehow, right?) Anyway, the link below (though slightly old and not topical) directly relates to No. 7 on that list and is amazing.

Background info: Newcastle (a football club in Northern England) hired a new manager named Joe Kinnear. This guy held his first press conference and the following ensued

Any man who swears 52 times in five minutes must be after our hearts my heart. Although, I’d never associate myself with a club in The Toon. All I can do is sit in awe and amazement at his feat. Favorite premiership manager (other than ‘arry, ‘course)

* Sure I might be more like an older British lady because I enjoy this show, but c’mon. Any show that has an episode entitled “Dear Sexy Knickers” is amazing.

** That would be football, you uncultured American swine.

*** Okay, okay. I am an elderly British woman. But that Bouquet “bucket” joke never gets old. And Onslow, I mean seriously people. Quality TV. At least I don’t watch “East Enders” dammit.

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  1. November 7, 2008 6:57 pm

    OH my goodness that audio clip is gold.

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