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Fell in Love with a Show…

November 22, 2008

Pushing Daisies and I first met when we were set up on a blind date by my favorite blogger. It was love at first viewing. The rhymes, the colors, the wit, the dead girl who was no longer dead, the pie maker, the eye patch and the man who was “named for an author and a fish”* I couldn’t get enough.

We met for date night every Wednesday and other days we met up online. There were laughs, giggles, snorts, snickers and even ROTFLMAOs. We were so happy, me and Ned, Chuck, Emerson, Vivian, Olive, Digby and the pig.** We spent our time solving crimes, waking the dead for 60 seconds, making pies, and working out our family issues*** at the Pie Hole, the Chinese restaurant downstairs and even at the circus once. We were two of a kind.

Then, the shows’ parents told us that it all has to end. Like the last person riding the BART train other than the weird guy who either has Tourrette’s or is hitting on me, I can see the end of the line. Why it has to be like this, I’m not sure. Why anyone would rather spend their Wednesday nights watching America’s Next Top Model or The New Adventures of Old Christine (how have the mighty fallen) is unclear?

Sigh.****Dark days are ahead. Especially if I have to find out what happens in a comic book format.***** So catch it while you still can. Thank goodness for TV-on-DVD.******

* Not to mention the pies! Delicious looking fruit pies!
** And, of course, our amazing, rhyming, makes-me-want-to-have-him-tell-my-life-story-aloud-for-others-to-hear narrator.
*** Also making jokes about nuns, mime sex, the dead and magicians.
**** Knight Rider is still on? I thought the novelty of talking cars wore off when everyone invited the British GPS woman into their cars to say “bing-bong” when a turn was required.
***** Do they even have comic shops in East Tennessee? And my attempting to do the narrator voice while reading the comic in my bedroom may get me evicted. Dammit.
****** My best friend in East TN.


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