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Brilliant! The British Are Awesome 2

December 10, 2008

Today, I’ve got two items for your entertainment. Adding to the list of reasons why British people are awesome…

1. Their boxers have cool nicknames (Hayemaker? Does it get any better?)

2. Have I mentioned the accents yet?

3. They make (slightly) inappropriate jokes about large prize fighters and the women they “love”

4. They play “The Crossbar Challenge”

5. They make fun of Americans.

6. They say “bits”

And we continue…First up, David Haye making a stop on Sky Sports’ Soccer AM to chat about his pounding of Monte Barrett*, moving up to heavyweight and the Klitschko Bros. Probably the funniest boxer I’ve ever seen PLUS did I mention that he’s BRITISH? Eyoo!

Secondly, Crossbar Challenge featuring Scunthorpe United of League One (they were in the Championship for a season though!). Anyway, **spoiler alert** watch for the winner about 52 seconds in, he may not be British (quality Irish boy) but he’s got the best accent and apparently the best boot. Keepers rule. Brilliant!

I am now Scunthorpe United’s newest fan. And probably their only fan Stateside. Now I just need a scarf. And a Joe Murphy kit.**

* Check out the youtube video of the stupid American that Haye was talking about riiiight here. No wonder they think Americans are morons.

** That’s jersey for the uninitiated. Which reminds me: 7. They call jerseys “kits”

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  1. January 9, 2009 5:07 pm

    lol nice post, just dropped by from 20sb 🙂
    i like british people, mainly because of their accents..
    and they have sexy men..

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