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Happy Friday!

January 30, 2009

Is there any better way to start off a Friday morning (other than finding Christian Bale in your bed, perhaps) than turning on the TV to find Rafa Nadal and Fernando Verdasco duking it out in five sets at the Aussie in all their Spanish, lefty, neon, sweaty, grunting glory? I think not…

The gun show? Yeah, I've got tickets! ::grunt::

I like my hair short, but I'm still de Espana.

I like my hair short, but I'm still de España.

Rafa won, but it took him five hours and some ridiculous plays (when you can get Chris Fowler to say piroutte twice in a broadcast, you know you’ve got some moves). Not a bad way to kick off the morning, especially when compared to watching the Today Show cast whore itself out to Superbowl XLIII.

And since I was only able to catch the hot mess that was the Aussie Semi because I live in the Eastern time zone (just barely), I’m going to have to adjust the standings:

Yes, I did spend time on photoshop putting this together. So what?

Yes, I did spend time on photoshop putting this together. So what?

Don’t worry PST, you got a couple points last night because attempting to stay up to watch the Gonzaga-St. Mary’s Top-25 Battle or UCSB-CSUN Tribute to Mediocrity when they tip at 11 p.m. ET is quite a feat, and one I still have yet to accomplish.

Seemingly, just to ruin what was looking to be an awesome morning (minus Christian Bale), I walked outside to mail something and saw this (be warned, this is graphic):


File this one under: ways to ruin Cheddar's morning; people vomiting on the street; crappy website addresses

Dear, “Truth Truck” driver,

Next time, please think about the people working and going to school on this campus before ruining everyone’s Friday. Can you spell ‘Debbie Downer?’ Also, could you not think of a more clever website? really? Creative.

Eat shit, Cheddar

Anyway, to end this all on a good note, I’d like to present what I hope will be a recurring feature: The Friday Pick Me Up (maybe the lamest name ever, but work with me here). With everyone “working for the weekend” what better to motivate you to close out the week strong than an obligatory photo of a hot athlete, making fun of celebrities/dumb people, or watching a funny clip (or maybe all three)? You’re right, nothing (except maybe that whole Christian Bale thing). Anyway, here goes…enjoy!

Since this is the first edition I’m going to give you all three. First, going along with the tennis theme I present James Blake, sans crazy hair and sleeveless tennis top:



I’m not one to make fun of Joaquin Phoenix, but, uh, apparently he’s planning on becoming a rapper? And Casey Affleck is okay with this? I hope it is all a big joke, along with his major power-beard.

Finally, Maury Povich and the woman who is deathly afraid of balloons, highly enjoyable…


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  1. January 31, 2009 2:15 am

    You are right. It’s highly enjoyable.

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