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Bleep: When Angry Actors Strike

February 3, 2009

A conversation from a couple weeks ago…

CHEDDAR: why do actors i like keep saying things that make me not like them
CHEDDAR:  brad pitt: I don’t know how to use a computer
CHEDDAR:  matt damon: James Bond is repulsive
DUBS: hahahaha
DUBS: he’s repulsive is a bit much if you ask me
CHEDDAR: plus it’s not as if he’s a real person
DUBS: or that Matt has never played anyone repulsive
CHEDDAR: all we need is for christian bale to say that taking his shirt off in movies objectifies men and will smith to note that flip flops are gross and i’ll never go to the movies again
DUBS: And I swear to God, if Colin Firth says that he does not like cheese, or Kevin Coster says the Disney channel is awful, then I too, will stop movie-going

Crap. (NSFW) Apparently I’m behind the times since this was reported a while back. However, listening to the audio makes it much worse. Good thing he’s a ridiculously good actor, otherwise I might really have to stop going to the movies. Hopefully Will can keep his temper.

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  1. February 3, 2009 3:31 pm

    lol this is why id rather see the movies and try not to read about them. Otherwise I would definitely stop going to the movies..

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