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Friends in Low Places 3: Harry Potter 8 The Crossing of the Swords

February 6, 2009

CHEDDAR: you know what must be nice for england football? how atrocious england cricket is
GINGER: haha
GINGER: is it? i couldn’t tell.
CHEDDAR: apparently it’s in turmoil
CHEDDAR: captains resigning
CHEDDAR: test matches? lost
GINGER: I, uh, don’t know what that means.
CHEDDAR: exactly

CHEDDAR: also I like this headline about the pregnancy better
CHEDDAR: Arsenal need more firepower after star striker falls pregnant
CHEDDAR: falls pregnant
CHEDDAR: as if it’s an illness
GINGER: she’s going to be out for around 9 months with a bad case of pregnancy
CHEDDAR: really bad
GINGER: yeah… arsenal ladies are pretty much the shit
GINGER: even when their star striker gets knocked up

GINGER: you know what cracks me up? these comments from Eboue linking him to Inter
CHEDDAR: what?
GINGER: half the news outlets are reporting “EBOUE MAY BE ON THE MOVE TO INTER” GINGER: while the other half say “EBOUE RUBBISHES MILAN LINK” etc etc
CHEDDAR: I thought you might say the ‘stache
GINGER: gotta love interpretive journalism
GINGER:  gotta love the ‘stache, as well
CHEDDAR: i do love the transfer rumor mill
CHEDDAR: or rumour mill
GINGER: it’s all about the flavour of the week

CHEDDAR: too bad I’m not east asian
CHEDDAR: i could be an egg donor
CHEDDAR: this ETC section on craigslist is definitely ETC

007: im so proud
007: im like a proud mama
CHEDDAR: if we were in the same place i would force us to do power hour tonight
CHEDDAR: to celebrate
CHEDDAR: and eat pizza even though we had to work tomorrow

(In preparation for the first Harry Potter drinking game via gchat)
DUBS: Tbone left no liquor in the house?
CHEDDAR: one beer
CHEDDAR: and I’m too lazy to go get any
CHEDDAR: plus it’s like 20 degrees out
DUBS: booooooo… run to the store really fast
CHEDDAR: I suppose I’ll go to the gas station
CHEDDAR: and hope not to get assaulted or raped
CHEDDAR: be back in a bit
DUBS: victory!

(And it begins)
DUBS: sexual tension!!!
CHEDDAR: yes! Drink!
CHEDDAR: three way
CHEDDAR: awkward
DUBS: Harry Potter 8: The Crossing of the Swords

CHEDDAR: question
DUBS: answer
CHEDDAR: is it weird that there are sticky gel bra cups on our bathroom sink?
DUBS: yes
CHEDDAR: i agree
DUBS: did Tbone take out his implants again?
CHEDDAR: Jdogg left them
CHEDDAR: she must have been wearing them yesterday
CHEDDAR: another query
DUBS: Yes, there can be too much cheese on a nacho

(On the McCain-inator during a debate)
CHEDDAR: he has his four fucking talking points on foreign policy and he just comes back to them over and over and over
CHEDDAR: he left little baby Putin on the doorstep of the Dursleyskis and knew that one day he could be the most powerful wizard err leader in Russia

007: i miss your face.
CHEDDAR: I miss your many faces
CHEDDAR: happy
CHEDDAR: judging
CHEDDAR: angry
CHEDDAR: mocking
CHEDDAR: sarcastic
007: god, you’re right, i have so many
CHEDDAR: pretending to care
CHEDDAR: that one I like to call the Ohio’s Speaking

DUBS: I almost pulled out my .45 and shot an old blue over the phone
DUBS: I kid you fucking not
CHEDDAR: I think that’s a lie
CHEDDAR: you do not have a .45
DUBS: OK fine, my water gun

DUBS: OK, I’m going to finish these fucking bios if it kills me, I think I need to leave — ttyl?
DUBS: adios
CHEDDAR: later

32 minutes

DUBS: I can’t stay away
CHEDDAR: Don’t worry it happens to a lot of people

  1. February 7, 2009 1:00 am

    LOL harry potter the crossing of the swords…do you really mean what im thinking? or its just my head being dirty again?

  2. holdtheweaksauce permalink*
    February 7, 2009 11:22 am

    Yes. And I’m very sorry for any horrible images it may have caused. I can at least have the piece of mind that I didn’t come up with it.

  3. February 9, 2009 3:04 pm

    OMG, I would def be first in line for that cinematic gem.


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