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In the Shop

February 17, 2009

Sadly, my baby Macbook (c. 2006) needs a new hard drive so it is in the shop. It’s getting a new one, so you can all hide your “Cheddar’s Blog is Finished!” balloons, thank you very much. That’s just mean. The bad news: bye bye old hard drive with things on it. The good news: my apple “genius” was a clone (it’s apple, they can do anything) of this guy:


That means he's smart, right?

Anyway, since I’m out of commission for a few days (apparently it is not appropriate to blog instead of doing work while at my job…pffft), I thought I would leave a few links to things that you should definitely read. Or at least look at the pictures if you’re illiterate ::cough::Dubs::cough:: So that’s that, enjoy and try to keep your shouts of joy to a minimum, thanks.

1. Talk about creeper (yes, I’m a little late to the game on this one, but still)

2. As if the Waffle House Wedding wasn’t enough, now there’s this.

3. Please, please promise to stop, by any means necessary, a person driving a car dragging a human body under it. Thanks.

4. Suge Knight got into a fight. Again. Who let him out of jail?

5. Tasers. All Stars. Ohio’s favorite new “rapper.” Amazing.


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