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Friday Pick Me Up: Pocket Change

March 27, 2009

So, I’m currently feeling on the verge of a big change. It could be because I’ve got big changes ahead – I have three months left here and just about a month until school is out. Or it might be because the seasons are changing. Or it could be because I’ve decided that I should get a hair cut. All are distinct possibilities.

Have you ever felt like one (or a few) changes in your life could make you the happiest person alive (apart from Al Roker and Mickey Mouse)? I’m starting to get that feeling right now. And I think it’s something that a lot of 20-somethings feel when they are about to transition to something new (especially after reading a few things that Dubs and The Dutchess have written lately). Here’s hoping that my expectations don’t end up exceeding the outcome (aka Tennessee is going to be so much fun! The dirrty dirrty! New people! Great times! RIGHT). I’m someone who enjoys change and hates being in a rut, so the prospect of a real job, a new pair of running shoes, a hair cut and a move back to a place where scrunchies, Confederate flags, orange and camo don’t dominate the landscape, is making me feel awesome (almost as awesome as standing down there).

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty great today. As Steve Zissou once said, “I’m right on the edge and I don’t know what comes next.” Which reminds me that I should really invest in a red knit cap.  And learn the lyrics to every David Bowie song in Portuguese. Let’s start now!

Other things that are making my day include:

  • The chance that I might get interviewed for a job back, back in Cali, Cali in the coming weeks
  • My friends convincing me to plan a “friend date” with a certain dude who may or may not be in love with me (or, more likely, he is just being a southern gentleman…hard to tell the difference)
  • the idiot (my roommate) and his girlfriend are planning to throw me a big going away bash whenever it is that I go away. Does this mean I have to stop referring to him as “the idiot?”
  • Ben Harper is playing in Atlanta on May 2 and I’m going with or without you already sold out (cancel this from the list)
  • Addition: the new twitter widget from wordpress (see sidebar →) Maybe I won’t have to switch to blogger after all
  • I can smell summer

What does summer smell like, you ask? I’d demonstrate, but somehow google still hasn’t created a smell-o-vision feature. Stupid internets. So you’ll have to be satisfied with seeing the first glimpses of summer (at least in my eyes):

Smell-o-vision: this would smell like hot dogs, garlic fries, dirt and the Bay breeze

Smell-o-vision: hot dogs, garlic fries, dirt and the Bay breeze

Smell-o-vision: drunk people, beer, sushi, fish tacos

Smell-o-vision: drunk people, beer, sushi, fish tacos, free music

Smell-o-vision: chlorine, sunscreen, BBQ

Smell-o-vision: chlorine, sunscreen, BBQ

Just to clarify, by BBQ I mean this:

Southerners call this "cooking out" or "grilling"...BBQ is reserved for pulled pork or ribs slathered in sauce

Southerners call this "cooking out" or "grilling"...In the South, BBQ is reserved for pulled pork or ribs slathered in sauce

Although my version may end up more like this:

Friends don't let friends BBQ drunk.

Friends don't let friends BBQ drunk.

Finally, some news about the easiest people in the world to make fun of…ridiculous celebrities. I have a feeling Dane Cook will not be using this as material for his next tour…I was really excited about this and the chance for a “Rihanna: Road to Redemption” MTV series (mainly because I love alliteration) until I found out that it was a gun tattoo… In other news, Method Man and a few of my former roommates have the same excuse for screwing up, they were too high. Well done…Por último, Elvis Crespo no era suavemente en un avión. A universal ew, for him.

That’s all for now.  Happy Friday!

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    couldnt agree more

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