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You Guys Ready to Let the Dogs Out?

March 9, 2010

So the first of my close friends from college is going to be popping my “friend’s wedding” cherry at the end of the summer. Unfortunately, she did not hire The Dan Band for the reception.

Instead, Wench (which we call her lovingly, of course) has made my day week month year by sending out an email in search of help with her wedding reception playlist.


As you may or may not know, music is one of my most favorite things in the entire universe, along with sports, British people, being a spaz, vomiting at inappropriate times and being easily distracted. Anyway, when we were in college, everyone in our group/house had an important role in our academic partying success. Wench was “The Regulator” and also brought the people to our parties, Twin did the makeups (fortunately for me), Bunkmate played bartender, Curly did hair and I was CD/playlist guru.

Making the perfect playlist was my favorite part of throwing a party. Well, other than the drinking. And maybe the dancing on the coffee table? But I digress.

One of my greatest moments in college came when I put “Jump On It” and “Beat It” in the middle of our Christmas party playlist, creating an epic ugly sweater dance party which led into a brother v. brother MJ dance off. Degree? Oh yeah, I got one of those too.

But anyway, this new task of creating a list of songs for Wench to give to the DJ for the SIX HOUR reception had become my new obsession. I’ve purchased a notebook and plan to keep it with me at all times. Fortunately for Wench, her fiance Double D and the rest of the wedding guests, I plan to put all of the energy I usually waste on that thing called a real job into creating the best list of wedding reception music ever.

Maybe it’s wrong but I’ve already got two mini-notebook pages filled. I bought the notebook today at 3 p.m. I think Wench is just preying on what I think might be some sort of music-induced illness. Either way, I’m gladly accepting suggestions, lest I forget something as awesome as “This is How We Do It” or the musical/dance genius that is “Soulja Boy.” I’ll pick whatever songs it takes to get everyone to get down, and possibly for Wench’s “nightmare” of Double D turning the reception into a Pants Off, Dance Off affair.


My new best friend. Best job ever.

Playing DJ is the best. What would you guys want to hear at a bad ass wedding reception?

Don’t worry, the Baja Men are already on the list.


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