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Secret Recipe

So this is my blog. I know, I know, who seriously has a blog these days (other than emokids, politicians and annoying talking heads)? Apparently, everyone.

Before I had something really cool written here because I was a Californian living in the Dirty Souf and trying to figure out how people survive without Trader Joe’s and the ocean. But now I’m back, back in Cali, Cali, thus I’m just your ordinary blogger. This seems much easier than finding a pretty journal and a pen I actually like, plus I hear this is much greener than wasting that paper.

Things I am in favor of include: flip flops, the National League, plaid, o jogo bonito, kiwi, the Pacific, music, L’alpe d’Huez, 10-second dance parties, mocking people, swimming, cereal.
Things I am against include: the designated hitter, shoes, men in sleeveless shirts, croakies, Bama bangs, Ohio, nasaly voices.

If you feel like commenting it will probably boost my self-esteem and earn you extra brownie-points.* Just make sure not to mention things that could get me into trouble, like rude things I may, or may not, have said about the people I work/live with, my actual name, where I work, etc.

Any other things you have to say can be directed at me right about here

*Which may, or may not, be redeemable at a later date for actual brownies and/or funfetti cake.

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